That One Song With THE RIGHT NOW

That One Song is a new little project we’re starting here, where we do a short interview about a specific song from one of our artists. This week, I speak with Brendan O’Connell of The Right Now to talk about the song “Half As Much” off of their album ‘Gets Over You.’

When and Where was it written:
I wrote “Half As Much” in my living room in 2010

What was your inspiration for writing the song: The inspiration for the groove is from the coda of The Black Keys tune “Tighten Up.” I heard that eighth note guitar part that kicks in at the end of that tune and decided I wanted to build something that sounded similar. The lyrical content came from the soul tradition of “you done me wrong but know I’m gonna get you” tunes.

What is the meaning behind it: The story of the tune is a woman that is fed up with a man that keeps a woman on the side. She tells her boyfriend that she’ll stay with him but his chance for a fulfilling, equitable relationship is over. If what he wants is a “slice on the side”–as they say–then she’ll be that for him. The catch is that it’s gonna cost him–money and control.

Favorite line in the song: “When you come home got to empty your pockets/So take those pants and throw ’em on the floor/Baby I think you forgot your wallet/You can love me half as much as you love her.”

Which part was the hardest to come up with: Honestly this was one of the easy ones–a song that just kind of came together in 10 minutes or so. I think the recording is so great because of the drum sounds and parts that John Smillie came up with. That took a lot of time on John’s part and the effort paid off.

If there’s anything you would change in the song, what would it be: I think that Stef’s vocal is the tiniest bit too loud in the mix. But other than that I love it.

Odd fact about song: The amazing horn parts were composed at a rehearsal in Marquette, MI, the morning after a late night gig.

When was your favorite time performing it live: Lincoln Hall, July 2010. We brought a fan on stage, sat him in a chair, blindfolded him, and Stef sung the song directly to him. It was great!  (Here is the link to that video: Half As Much)

The newest album from The Right Now, “Gets Over You” can be purchased here:
along with other info on the band, including tour dates.

“[D]amn, Gets Over You is one hell of a way to avoid a sophomore slump.”  – Gapers Block

“The group, fronted by powerful leading lady, Stefanie Berecz, breathes new life into the torch, soul, and R&B traditions. If Joss Stone fronted Fitz and the Tantrums, you might end up with something like what The Right Now have accomplished on this record.”  – The Vinyl District

“A damn great step forward for The Right Now…”  – Dusty Groove